Becoming a member

Scientists of philosophy, lecturers of philosophy, PhD students in philosophy, members of students’ philosophical associations, scientists and PhD students from neighbouring disciplines are all eligible to become members of Lithuanian Philosophical Association as long as they agree with the aims of the association, accept its regulations and participate in its activities.

How to become a member?

A request to become a member of the association along with CV and the list of publications is to be submitted to the council of the association. The decision is made by the council if 2/3 of its members participating in the meeting agree. The membership is activated after the membership fee is transferred.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is €10. The fee is to be transferred for the upcoming year before the annual conference which takes place in May. The fee covers membership for a year from May to May. Members are welcome to support the association with a bigger donation.

Information for transferring the membership fee via bank payment:

Lietuvos filosofų draugija
code: 195747124
bank account number: LT93 7044 0600 0794 7283
bank: AB SEB bankas
payment order: membership fee for 2017